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Stiletto #2

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> More Sleep!
Yes. More sleep is an excellent idea. You roll over into a new position, close your eyes and relax. You take deep breaths and count those imaginary fluffy ruminants grazing in their fictitious pastoral glade, drinking by clear brooks, chewing cud, wandering off from the flock only to be found by the shepherd and having their legs brutally broken as a warning to the rest of the flock: "this is how we do tings 'round 'ere. No wanderin' off or we come after you, bub..."

It's no use.

The sun is still assaulting your eyes relentlessly, even when you close them. Your achy head and muscles and your desert-like mouth refuse to give you peace long enough to drift off into the Sandman's sweet embrace.

> First comment ever and I'm spam. :(
There's probably a deep lesson in this about the Nature of Life, the Internet, and Everything, but in your present mental state, you have no idea what it could be.

> You like this.
No. No, you do not like this, and if there's only one thing you learned from the Mostaccioli Incident of '09, it's that Positive Thinking doesn't actually help anything.

What now?

Your turn to do some writing! Leave a comment with what you think our intrepid heroine should do next. Commands can be simple, like what you might find in a text-based computer game such as "LOOK AT—" or "GO TO—", or they can be more complicated, like "gather up a large crowd of fuzzy purple teddy bears and organize a nice Virginia Reel. And play something slow and thoughtful like Watching Judas's 'I Fall,' none of that crazy bluegrass silliness." On Tuesday, I will pick the command(s) I think will move the story along in the best or most interesting way and write the next segment from there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm having trouble with LiveJournal's spam filter for anonymous comments. I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to make it less restrictive, but in the meantime, please consider signing in to increase the chances that I actually see your comment. You don't have to have a LiveJournal account. If you click on the dropdown menu in the "From" line of the comment form, you can choose to post from another account, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and OpenID. If that doesn't work for you, I'll also take commands through other forms of textual communication, such as Twitter or Facebook.
Tags: fiction, stiletto
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