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1 UP?

Just got home from Aunt Nina's visitation. The body didn't look much like her because it wasn't smiling. People seemed to like my cookies, though.

Last night, somebody posted this on Facebook:

Here's what I think of these options:

  1. Menu & Stats—This is basically Facebook. Moving on.

  2. View Shift—Could be kind of cool, but I think for me it would just drive me nuts. It's annoying enough to deal with in video games.

  3. Jumping & Landing—Again, could be pretty cool, and actually a lot of fun. It would also come in handy for reaching things off the top shelves, and of course if you ever fall off a building you don't have to worry. I'm not sure it's the most useful thing for most people's everyday lives, though.

  4. Experience Points—Actually, if everybody had this feature, it would make the world a pretty interesting place. Suddenly the oldest people would be the strongest and most agile, as well as the most intelligent and skillful. I'm not so happy with the idea of just getting 5 every year; it makes sense to me how in games you get XP for actually doing things, and it doesn't seem fair that someone who just sits around on a couch watching TV all year would get the same XP as someone who actually goes out and lifts weights or learns to paint. Of course, if we had and XP system where you get XP for doing things in proportion to the things you do, that's basically real life and again there's no point. Am I over-analyzing this? Anyway, not my favorite on the list

  5. Pockets—Yes. As anyone who has ever lifted a purse or backpack belonging to me can attest, I carry a lot of stuff around with me. My mom has often described my purse as a "black hole," and I remember actually having to stay home from school due to back strain once because of my huge backpack in middle school. Assuming that a bag of this type also has some kind of magic anti-gravity field that makes it possible to lift that bag of 99 stacks of 99, I would probably go for it.

  6. Cheat Code—For a poor unemployed college grad like me, this is really tempting. I have a lot of problems that could be solved right now if I had a cheat code to get me as much cash as I wanted from an ATM. In the end, though, I think I'd still feel guilty about stealing/cheating, and end up cripplingly depressed whether I kept using my power or not.

  7. Character Creator—Tempting. There are a lot of things about my body that I'd be happy to change, but the "you cannot change back" gives me serious pause. I'm always overly cautious with single-use things in games (and to a certain extent in real life, too), so I'd probably end up saving this until "later" and never get around to it.

  8. Extra Life—At first glance, this is an obvious choice. Who wouldn't want to wake up in perfect health after an illness or accident and have another chance at a whole new life? But again, the last sentence is a pretty major stipulation: "you may give your extra life away." Suddenly, this changes from an amazing gift to a horrible responsibility. How am I supposed to decide who to give my one extra life to? Or should I keep it for myself with the rationale that I can do a lot of good with the extra time, but then always live with the nagging suspicion of guilt that I probably should have given it to someone else?

  9. Pause Button—Again, at first glance, this seems like a no-brainer. How many times have I wished I could pause the world and just rest? (Hint: pretty much every day the last four years.) There's a pretty big drawback with this one, too, though: while you're paused, you're blind. So I couldn't use that time to catch up on pleasure reading, which is one of my big pause-the-world fantasies. But I could still sleep. Totally worth it.

  10. Save Point—Could be good. One problem is obviously the limit of only having two save slots. That's almost as bad as having a single-use item: how do you decide which points are worth saving? There were many times in school when I wished I could go back and re-do an important assignment I felt like I messed up on, and I have wished I could go back in time and spend more time with Granddad H. and others. So up until recently, I probably would have gone for this, but I've gotten to the point where the idea of going back and reliving much of my life sounds like a really bad idea. Not that I'm unhappy with the way things turned out, I just don't want to go through them again. Plus, perfectionist that I am, I probably keep going back over and over the same time period forever until I got it "perfect," and I think that would drive me insane.

So I think I would probably go for the Pause Button (9) and the Pockets (5) in the end. How about you?
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